Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kachin news ( Northern Burma on Alert )

Burma government army battalion ka-ma-ya(309) has formed into two infantry and maneuver to Kachin State on 28 November 2011 at 530pm Burma time for to continue major offensive operation against KIA and Kachin people. One of infantry led by Majoi Aung Myat Soe was stationing around west south four miles from Myo Han village and General Than Myint Tun infantry was station in one mile away from Mang Tang village.

On 28 November 2011 at 520pm Myanmar time 2ac Majoi Zaw Win Tun Burma army battalion kha-la-ya 141 soldiers arriving in Nam Chyang river which is 92 mile from KIA Battalion Division 5 Prang Hkawn village.

On the same day at 1130am Burma army battalion division hka-ma-ya (317) with 15 trucks loaded with additional soldiers, arms and supplies delivering to near KIA Battalion division 3 Sin Lum village and they have returned back to Nmawk division at 730pm. On the same day at about 330pm Burma soldiers over 300 are maneuvering around KIA division 3 Man Wing town. In Kai Htik village Burma army soldiers 300 have been surrounded and under attack by KIA light infantry 1 soldiers.

Burma regime government is talking and acting to draw attention international community attention only not real intention of national reconciliation reform. Instead Burma army continue fierce attack against KIA and Kachin ethnic and as well as other minorities in Burma.


On 28 November 2011 Burma army soldiers about 300 with 20 trucks loaded with arms and suppliers heading to KIA Battalion 11 Mali Sut Yang. No one know these soldiers are from any of which Burma army division or battalion. However these same soliders will going over to across the Irrawaddy according to the eye witness reported.


There was deadly clash between KIA light infantry 27 and Burma army hka-ma-ya battalion soldiers on 28 November at 1230 noon in Balawng Dingsa village.


On 28 November 2011, there was bomb explosión at 9am Burma time near bridge No. la-ha (488823) Sin Lum village, Kachin State and two Burma soldiers have killed instantly at the scene.


On 27 November 2011 there was deadly arms clash between KIA battalion infantry 36 under KIA division 4 Shan State with Burma army at 230pm. The number of casualties unknown from both side.


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