Saturday, November 16, 2013

Latest Clashes in Nam Lim Pa village Mansi Township, Kachin State

17 Nov 2013

Severely shooting in Nam Lim Pa village, Mansi Township starting from 7:00 AM this morning on the 17 November 2013. A total of more than 2300 existing IDPs, students, the new IDPs coming from Kaung Lwin (aka Gawng Run) and Saga Nam Hkum villages needed to fled the village and running to different directions. Injured, trapped and killed are unknown.

On the 16th November 2013 evening around 4:30 PM, Myanmar Government troops entered to the village, surrounded all the students from boarding house while their having their dinner, and started shooting in the village. Because of shooting, all the IDPs, the students from the boarding houses running around to escaped. All of them were put in the existing IDP Camp in Nam Lim Pa, which was already too small for the existing 1000+ IDPs and not sufficient the rest 1300+ of native villagers, and the new IDPs coming from Saga Nam Hkum and Kawng Lwin.

A totall of 3 ships full of Government Troops arrive Banmaw jetty yesterday evening (16th Nov 2013) and heading to the direction to Nam Lim Pa.

Nam Lim Pa village is situated in the Southeast of Mansi township, and it was hosting 1000+ IDPs and left without no access by any AID Groups since 22nd October 2013 as the road was blocked by Govt troop. Yesterday, the aid workers from Karuna Banmaw Social Service –KBSS (Catholic Church's Development Desk) arrived there for the first time with permission from Tactic/Strategic Commander and G1 from Banmaw. The shooting started 2 hours after the aid team arrived to the village. The team reported that they were not aware that Govt Troop followed after them. In the mean time, those Aid Workers from KBSS and Aid Workers from Wunpawng Ninghtoi –WPN (Mai Ja Yang based) are trapped together with the villagers.

The villagers and IDPs are running to different directions – some heading to Mai Ja Yang, China Border, Some to Man Wing Gyi – China Border, and Some to Mansi. The churches from Man Wing Gyi and WPN are planning to receive them but there is no resources.

Because of the clashes starting from early October 2013, villagers from a total of 10 villages with 13000 population have abundant their homes and leaving in the 3 new IDP Camps: In Han Htet and Si Hkam Gyi villages in Mansi township and in Hpan Ka Kone village in Banmaw township.


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