Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kachin news today( Northern Burma on Alert )

Myanmar government is continue to send 1000 troop to Kachin State Manmaw and Myitkyina to continue civil war against Kachin people and other minority. There will soon be gravely civil war offensive by Myanmar government army against KIA. However Kachin civilian will be the victim of the deadly war game started by Myanmar government. The people are fear of Myanmar government army force villager as porter for human shield in front line areas as usual. Not only human shield but also people fear of army gang rape, looting, burning houses in village and killing innocent people. Especially in Bahmo town and Waimaw town area have increase more government troop arriving daily.

Myanmar Government may have plan to renew another round of deadly civil war against KIA and Kachin people soon as they have build up more ground troops and weapons. Recently Myanmar government army have used chemical bomb shells against KIA violate against international convention. We Kachin people appeal UN security Council and international community to protect civilian in war torn areas of Kachin State. Those who committed deadly crime against civilian bring to international law of court for justice and punish them severely. Myanmar government has oppress Kachin and other ethnic groups since 1961 since Military coup the country power after assassinated general Aung San, the father of Ms Aung Sann Su Kyi. Since then it has been continue to oppress, discrimination and restriction of religious freedom.


Myanmar soldiers from No. 88 army arrived in Man Wing at about 3pm today 24 November 2011 by 40 army trucks. These soldiers are from Kutkai village station at Man Hkam village Shan State before arrived at Man Wing currently camp around the village. Not clear where the soldiers will be heading and but it was surely to renew major offensive operations against KIA and Kachin people. ----------------------------------------
Myanmar soldiers are continue to arrived in Namhkam Shan State today morning 24 November 2011 with 4 full loaded trucks according to report. Yesterday 23 November 2011 at 6pm 20 trucks fully loaded with Myanmar soldiers going to Namkkam via Muse and Nam Jang village was covered with Myanmar soldiers according to eyes witness report. In spite of Myanmar regime government propaganda announcement of peace talking lies report to draw international and ASEAN attention.
According to eye witness reported that over 800 Myanmar soldiers were arrived at Myothit in the evening going through the route via Nmawk town Manmaw district on 23 November 2011. Later Theses soldiers are going to No.3 KIA control area, Laiza Kachin State. These Myanmar government soldiers are going to replace those solider in the war zone are offensive against KIA. This is to renew major operations against KIA and Myanmar government army tat-ma (44) is stationed in the KIA control area Kachin State according to report.
Myanmar government army major offensive against KIA Kachin State is worsening, no sign of any hope of slowing down between them. There was major fighting continue between KIA and Myanmar government army on 23 November 2011 in 4 areas in KIA control areas in Kachin State. There was also fierce fighting continue the whole day in the Nang Zaw Yang village near Sampai village. However the number of casualty sill unknown from both KIA and Myanmar army side.


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