Sunday, November 20, 2011

Myanmar(Burma) Army Brutality, Torture and Interrogation Against Kachin People in Myitkyina

International Displace People(IDP) Camp No. 8, Kachin and China Border

There are 180 Internal Displace People(IDP) from 11 villages under Manmaw district Sadung, Lahpai and Saga have arrived in IDP camps No. 8 near China boarder, some of the IDPs have cross into China. So far, as much as 1,800 IDPs have arrived in IDPs Camp No.8 and taking refuse there from Burma Army brutality, killing, rape, torture and looting.

KIO and local Churches are taking care of IPDs according to villages they belong too and they are in needs of basic supply such as winter cloths, blankets, shelters and foods immediately. We Kachin people request United Nation(UN) for humanitarian supports as a China is UN security Veto member close his boarder or block humanitarian supply to help Kachin IDPs in China cross border areas of Kachin State, Burma.

Myanmar(Burma) Army Brutality, Torture and Interrogation Against Kachin People in Myitkyina

Since the powerful bomb exploded on 13 November 2011 in Njang Kawng Myitkyina Kachin State, Myanmar(Burma) Mr Dayau and his family was killed and displaced. However, Myanmar Government (Burma) has instructed to detain Mr Dyau and interrogating him with brutality, torture and force him to admit the thing that he has not done.

The Myanmar Government(Burma) has force him to admit that the bomb was exploded as mentioned in New Light of Myanmar(Burma) Government news paper falsely announce without even conducted proper investigation. Currently Myanmar government investigator force him to admit the bomb was from KIA and while during training exploded as the Myanmar government has announced in the news paper and CNN news as well. The fact is Mr Dayau was awaya at the time of bomb explodsion, after several refusal by Mr Danyau that he did not know how the bobmb was exploded the investigator then beating and broken this one leg. We call UN, USA, UK and ASEAN leaders to stop Myanmar Military Government brutality against Kachin people immediately. Please help to stop Myanmar Government’s brutality and human right abuse against citizen Myanmar before support Myanmar Government to Chair as ASEAN Chair Government or any bilateral economy support to Military Government.


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