Saturday, May 26, 2012

If there is peace, we will go back and work on our farm in the village. (click video)


Burmese military has granted LICENSE TO KILL and PERMISSION TO FIRE KACHIN CIVILIAN to its Burmese soldiers in Kachin State

May (23) bat Masum Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya Dap Ba (5) Ginra rai nga ai Laja Yang hte Lawa Yang mare de May (22) ya shani Dawhpum Yang Mare Hang Kai bum kaw daju nga ai myen asuya hpyen hpung ni gaw (105mm) myawk kaba hte (2) lang gap bun ai lam shiga na chye lu ai. Mara masha ni hta gaw hpa hkra machyi ai lam n nga ai lam mung matut na chye lu ai. On 23may2012, Burmese battalion soldiers base in Han Kai Mountain has launch (105mm) artillery (2) time aiming at Laja Yang under 5th Brigade KIA base. Fortunately there was no casualty inflicted to Kachin civilian according to eye witness report from front line. Since 09 June 2011, Burmese military has started all out civil war against Kachin people and KIA, Burmese military has deployed estimated 160 battalion forces into all over KIA control territories Kachin State Burma. This civil war was started and still continue due to KEY economic interest of China and as well as the greed of Burmese Regime Government to occupied natural resources rich Kachin Land under Burmese military hand.   MASAT (253) DAP NAWNG NI GAP MYEN (10) SI May (22) bat Lahkawng Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya Dap Ba (5) na Du Jum Sham Tu woi awn ai masat (253) dap nawng daju na KIA myu tsaw share ninghkring ni gaw May (21) ya shana de daw hkying (4:00pm) ten ram hta Sadung maga na yan yu wa ai myen hpyen asuya a hpyen hpung rai nga ai tat-ma (88) na hpyng hpung ni hpe gap gasat lai wa sai lam shiga na chye lu ai. N dai zawn hkap gasat ai hta myen maga na marai (10) si nna hkala ai lam mung nga ai lam shiga matut na chye lu ai. On 21May2012 at about 4:00pm local time, there was a fierce fighting between 253th KIA battalion troop under 5th Brigade KIA Command based with Burmese soldiers Tat-ma (88) soldiers. KIA battalion troop was led by Sergeant Sham Tu have defended well against Burmese soldiers aggression and killed (10) Burmese soldiers in the fierce fighting.  Burmese soldiers have also suffered injuries according to front line report. Since 09 June 2011, Burmese military has started civil war against Kachin civilian and Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and over 70,000 Kachin civilian have lost their home and livelihood. Since then many Kachin Internal Displaced Person living  under constant danger from Burmese military attack and living in makeshift camp under KIA/KIO control territories.      MYEN HPYEN NI MARE KATA LAKNAK GAP BANG MARE MASHA HKALA May (22) bat Lahkawng Jinghpaw Mung kata du nga ai myen asuya dap ni gaw hkrup mara gap hkrup mara sat na ahkang (free fire permission) lu tawn ai majaw Jnghpaw Mung kata hta mu mamu hte mare kata de mung majoi sinak gap dumbre ai lam galaw nga ai re. Lai wa sai May (8) ya shana (10:30pm) daram hta Jinghpaw Mung Manmaw Ginwang Manje mare kaw du nga ai Myen asuya dap nawng masat Tat-ma (99) na hpyen hpung ni gaw shanhte dap makau kaw bawm ngoi wa ai majaw Manje mare de sinat kaji kaba ni hte majoi hkrup mara gap sharu bang ai majaw Manje Buga masha, Slg. Lahpai Zau Lum hte Jan Nangzing Kai Htang yen a shadang sha Lahpai Zau Doi Ring asak (13) ning gaw myen asuya a pala hkra ai majaw kan kaw shara manga (5) baw mat nna Manmaw Tsi Rung hta tsi tsi ga lajang nga ai ten asak sum mat wa sai lam na chye lu ai. Matut nna, Manje Buga Hkalup Hpung, Ga Ra Yang kaw na Slg. Nbwi Naw hpe mung Myen asuya dap nawng masat (99) ni May (11) ya jahpawt woi mat wa ai gaw dai ni du hkra rai npru wa shi ai lam, sat kau sai kun, ganing re kun daini du hkra shiga nna ai majaw nta masha ni grai tsang nga ma ai lam na chye lu ai.     Burmese military has granted LICENSE TO KILL and PERMISSION TO FIRE KACHIN CIVILIAN to its Burmese soldiers in Kachin State. Thus Burmese soldiers of Battalion force Tat-Ma (99) have open fire at Kachin civilian in Manje Town, Bamaw District on 08May2012 at about 10:30pm local time. According eye witnesses reported that there was a bomb exploded near Tat-ma (99) Burmese Military battalion based in Man Je Town.  Instantly Burmese soldiers have open fire at civilian and wounded 13 years old Lahpai Zau Doi Ring the son of Mr. Lahpai Zau Lum and Mrs Nangzing Kai Htang. The boy was shot 5 times in his stomach by Burmese government’s soldiers and pronounced dead later in the Bamaw Hospital. In another incident, on 11May2012 morning Burmese soldiers from Tat-ma (99) battalion force have arrested Mr. Nbwi Naw from Gara Yang village. Since then there was no information where about his location and alive or dead. The Burmese military has been arresting Kachin civilian men and woman without any warrant or reasons. The Burmese soldiers have committed human right violation and war crime against Kachin civilian since 09 June 2011 the civil war has been launched by Burmese Military in all over Kachin State.  

Kachin Independence Orgazization (KIO) Announcement

Kachin Independence Organization(KIO) or Kachin State Government has announced  on 24 May 2012, to to grant 100% subsidy to help  and support all the students affected by current civil war in Kachin State. KIO has decided to subsidized (100%) of the educational expenditure for year 2012-2013 due to current political turmoil in Kachin State. KIO will pay for school fees, teacher salaries and costs of material year needed for all the schools in Internal Displace Person (IDP) camps as well as affected schools in Kachin State according to Kachinnet report.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kachin Woman Gang-raped in Church by Army Soldiers

(Photo: Chinland Guardian) 18 May 2012: About ten Burma Army soldiers gang-raped a 48-year-old Kachin woman over a period of three days in a church at Luk Pi village of Chipwi Township in Kachin State early this month. The incident took place when the soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion 347 and Infantry Battalion 118 patrolling near the Kachin-China border town of Pang Wa on 1 May found her sheltering alone in the church. A statement issued today by the Kachin Women's Association Thailand (KWAT) said the victim was beat up with rifle butts, stabbed with knives and stripped naked before the sexual violence committed by the soldiers. KWAT said the incident was witnessed by a 59-year-old villager, Yu Ta Gwi, who was looking after his paralyzed wife. Tied up in the church compound, kicked and stabbed by the Burmese troops, Yu Ta Gwi was later found semi-conscious together with the 'raped' woman and were taken to the hospital by some Kachin villagers. The Kachin woman, a grandmother of 12 children, has been reunited with her family but is still traumatized, according to KWAT. KWAT has accused Burma's new government of 'ignoring' the incident of sexual violence committed by soldiers and the Supreme Court of dismissing charges against the military for the abduction and disappearance of a Kachin woman named Sumlut Roi Ja. Moon Nay Li, KWAT coordinator, said: "The message from the Naypyidaw Supreme Court is clear: the Burmese military can rape and kill ethnic women with impunity." KWAT calls on Thein Sein's government to immediately stop using rape as a weapon of war and end the offensive against the Kachin. The new incident of sexual violence took place close to the site of planned Chipwi hydropower dam on the May Kha River, one of the seven planned mega-dams on the Irrawaddy and its upper tributaries. The spread of conflict to the Pang Wa area this month has displaced thousands more villagers, heightening the humanitarian crisis facing local communities seeking to feed and shelter over 70,000 people since the Kachin ceasefire was broken in June 2011.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Burmese military the use of CHEMICAL WEAPONS in civil war

There was fierce offensive attacked by Burmese military on 08 May 2012, against Pan Tsun Post KIA battalion troop in Eastern side of Daw Hpum Yang town. Burmese military rained down CHEMICAL BOMBS against KIA troop then the Burmese soldiers from the ground attacked fiercely trying to seize the Pan Tsun Post which is strategic location for 5th KIA in Kachin State.  The Pan Tsun Post was under direct command and control by 19th KIA Base in 5th KIA Base control territories Kachin State. Burmese military uses CHEMICAL WEAPONS or BOMBS in this offensive attacked against KIA troops. According to KIA frontline troop reported (3) of KIA soldiers were inflicted by the CHEMICAL BOMBS severely. The (3) soldiers were vomited and fainted by the CHEMICAL BOMBS toxic and critical health conditions. In the recent months, Burmese military has been using the same type of CHEMICAL WEAPONS to attached KIA troops. We Kachin people appeal to United Security Council (UN), USA, UK, EU and world communities’ leader to stop Burmese military the use of CHEMICAL WEAPONS in civil war against KIA in particular Kachin civilian in Kachin State. We, Kachin people concern grave danger of CHEMICAL WEAPONS used by Burmese military in civil war against Kachin people in Burma. In spite of political reformed by regime government in Yangon Burma only but on the other hand Burmese military has intensified attacked against Kachin civilian and threaten to wipe out Kachin Ethnic in Burma. We, Kachin people all will stand together as one united people and defend against Burmese military killing and offensive attack against us until Burmese military is defeated as well as the justice and truth has prevail.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Burmese military has begin to use major air assault by military helicopter and ground attack by remaining soldiers of NDAK (border guard force) combine with Burmese soldiers


May (1) bat Lahkawng

Jinghpaw Mung NDAK up hkang ginra ni hta nga ai Asuya magam gun ni yawng hpe myen asuya gaw April (30) ya shani yawng shaga la kau sai lam shiga na chye lu ai. Pangwa mare masha ni hpe mung mare kata kaw na yawng pru mat na lam myen hpyen asuya gaw n dau sai lam shiga na chye lu ai. N dai hku galaw ai lam gaw myen hpyen asuya kawn laja lana majan hpaw wa na masing nan re nga na buga de na myitsu salang ni tsun shana wa ai.

On the 01 May 2012 (Labor day) Burmese military evacuated all government public servants from Pangwa village, former NDAK HQ (border guard force) where the major air assault begin by Burmese military. However, majorities Pangwa villagers Kachin people are told to flee away from village where air assault by military Helicopter intensified against KIA currently recaptured NDAK HQ in Pangwa village accordingly report from the battle frontline. According to some of  Kachin analyst said this is obvious reason for launching major air assault by Burmese military and Regime government against KIA and Kachin civilian in Wangwa systematically. We Kachine people condemn the use of air assault against civilian and domestic war against KIA who defend Kachin people freedom and self determination for our own future. The use of air assault against civilian and domestic conflict also violate UN security charters or war saw convention and against international law.

April (30) bat Langai

Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya KIA myu tsaw share ninghkring ni hte myen tai hpyen hte NDAK hpung ni NDAK ginjaw Pangwa kaw gasat ai hte myen tai hpyen ni gaw dai ni April (30) ya shani nbungli (Helicopter) hte wa gasat nang lai wa sai lam shiga na chye lu ai. Myen tai hpyen ni gaw Helicopter ntsa kaw na jak sinat ni hte gap garum lai wa ai re lam hpe matut na chye lu ai.

According to battle frontline report on 30 April 2012 cited that fighting was intensified due to Burmese military has begin to use major air assault by military helicopter and ground attack by remaining soldiers of NDAK (border guard force) combine with Burmese soldiers. According to battle frontline reports, Burmese military helicopter has open fire at KIA troop as an air assault to support NDAK soldiers and Burmese military soldiers on the ground. We Kachin people strongly condemn the use of Burmese air force deployment against KIA and especially against civilian in Pangwa village, Kachin State. The Burmese military and regime have committed violation of UN security resolution and international law the use of air assault. We appeal to United Nation(UN), USA, UK, EU and international communities to condemn and immediately actions to stop Burmese military crime against civilian in Kachin State.


April (30) bat Langai

Myen hpyen asuya gaw lawu myen mungga de na wanleng hte laknak kaba ni Jinghpaw Mung Myitkyina hte htaw la nna, Myitkyina kaw na Talaw Gyi mare de jakli (သံဘုတ္) hte htaw dai kaw na Manmaw de jakli kaji ni hte htaw lahka la nga ai lam na chye lu ai. Manmaw kaw na gaw mawdaw ni hte Manmaw-Myitkyina lam Myothit mare de nga ai myen dap hk-l-y (41) dap hte htaw bang lahka lai wa sai lam shiga na chye lu ai. Ya yang myen hpyen ni gaw Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya ginjaw ginra ni de hpyen n gun ni mana maka htu sa tawn sai lam mung matut chye lu ai.

On the same day on 30 April 20912, report cited that Burmese military transporting by train more soldiers and more artillery, motors and weapons to Myitkyina Kachin State for reinforce major offensive against KIA and civilian. From the Myitkyina then transported to Talaw Gyi village by speed boat and from there transported again to Manmaw Town by thef same kind of speed boat. Once arrived in Manmaw Town the weapons are being transported to Myotit village truking Burmese military based hk-l-y(41) to renew offensive attacked against KIA despite peace talk initial agreement by Burmese military to reduce military intrusion into KIA control areas in all over Kachin State. Since UN chief Mr Ban Ki Moon arrived in Burma to meet Burma regime military top officers , and schedule to visit Shan State, we Kachin people urge Mr Ban to travel to the Kachin State to witness the truth about Burma recent reform in Yangon Burma only which was exclusive reformed for Kachin and other minorities races in Burma.    

The Burmese military and regime are sending more soldiers, weapons and suppliers by (6) Helicopter to Pangwa village Kachin State on 29 Aprd2012

April (29) Labang

Jinghpaw Mungdaw NDAK a ginjaw ginra rai nga ai Pangwa de dai ni Du Kaba Zahkung Ting Ying a kasha hte myen hpyen ni Helicopter hte (6) lang laknak hte hpyen n gun wa sa ai lam shiga na chye lu ai. Myitkyina tai n bungli daru de mung dai ni hpyen n bungli kaba (2) du nga sai lam shiga mung na chye lu ai. Ya ten NDAK uhpung ni a (2001) dap ni yawng gaw Kanu KIO asuya hte pawng mat sai lam hpe matut na chye lu ai.

The Burmese military and regime are sending more soldiers, weapons and suppliers by (6) Helicopter to Pangwa village Kachin State on 29 Aprd2012 which was formal NDAK border guard force directly under Burmese military command. In spite of recent political reform in Yangon, Burmese military is continuing offensive and intrusion attack against KIA and Kachin civilian. On the same day there was (2) military war plane just landed in Myitkyina city, Kachin State according to eyes witness report from the city. Now NDAK battalion unit (2001) (Burmese Border Guard Force) in Pangwa village, soldiers are reunited with KIO to defend Burmese’s military offensive and oppression against Kachin people according to frontline report. We condemn Burmese military reinforce offensive and intrusion major attack against KIA and especially Kachin people. The Burmese military aggression and brutality against civilian such as burning civilian homes, properties and vital daily supplies, arrest with gunpoint to torture, raping women, force labor as porter in battle frontline and as well as looting live stock. 

Burmese military continue to dispatch more soldiers and artillery to Laiza Town, KIA Head Quarter

April (29) Laban
Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya Dap Ba (5) Laiza Ginjaw ginra de April (28) ya shani mung myen tai hpyen ni laknak kaba ni hte gap bun ai lam shiga na chye lu ai. Myen tai hpyen ni gap bun dat ai myawk si ni gaw Laiza mare de n du ai sha Laiza makau grup yin na bum ni hkan sha hkrat ai lam shiga na chye lu ai.

Despite initial peace talk agreement between KIA and Burmese military to withdraw Burmese military present from Kachin State, KIA control, areas gradually but there was a heavy artillery shelling by Burmese military continue against Laiza Town 5th bridge KIA Head quarter command center  on 28 April 2012. However there was no casualties and damage in Liza tawn and the artillery shells have exploded nearby mountains of Laiza. Burmese military continue to dispatch more soldiers and artillery to Laiza Town, KIA Head Quarter Command center and around KIA control areas for fierce offensive against KIA and Kachin people, we Kachin people condemn Burmese military killing and attacking civilian committed rapping and human right violation.

April (28) bat Kru
Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya N Gum La daju Dap Ba (1) na KIA myu tsaw hpyen la ni kawn NDAK a ginjaw ginra rai nga ai Pangwa mare hpe htim gasat zing kau ya ai majaw ya ten myen hpyen asuya ni grai pyaw nga ai lam shiga na chye lu ai. Dai re majaw myen hpyen asuya gaw n bung lam hku Helicopter (20) jan hte Tawng Paw Tar Majan masing nga mying jaw nna KIO Asuya hpe shamyit sa wa na re lam shiga na chye lu ai. Dai ni mung Myitkyina mare kaw nbung li (10) lang jan pyen gawai nga ai lam shiga matut na chye lu ai.
Burmese Border guard force, NDAK Head Quarter was seized by KIA after heavy attacked from 1st  Bridge KIA battalion troops on 28 April 2012. It bring a good news for Burmese military because the majority soldiers of border guard force made up of former KIA defector soldiers.  According front lines reported, Burmese military is preparing air assault with 20 helicopters to launch major offensive with code name TAWNG PAW TAR SIT SIN YAY(simply mean mountain tribe assault Operations) against KIA and Kachin civilian.  According eyes witness report from Myitkyina City, Kachin State on the same day, 10 helicopters are hovering over the city as preparation for major air assault against KIA and Kachin civilian. We Kachin people condemn, Burmese military brutality and deadly human right violation committed against Kachin civilian, we appeal to international communities, UN, EU,UK and USA to take immediate action to stop Burmese military brutality against Kachin people.

April (28) bat Kru

Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya a KIA myu tsaw share ninghkring ni gaw ya ten NDAK a ginjaw shara rai nga ai Pangwa mare grup yin hta myen tai hpyen ni hte laja lana gap gasat nga ai lam shiga na chye lu ai. Myen tai hpyen ni gaw Pangwa maga de hpyen n gun sa dingyang rai nga ai lam hpe mung na chye lu ai.

Accordingly frontline report, there were several fierce fighting between KIA and Burmese military continue around Pangwa village formerly known as NDAK (Burmese border guard force) head quarter under Burmese military control.  Thus Burmese military has dispatched more support soldiers and weapons to continue major offensive against KIA and as well as Kachin civilian.

April (28) bat Kru

2012 ning April (27) ya shani, Myen Hpyen Dap Hk.M.Y (384) na hpyen hpung ni, Ban Sau Mung mare masha ni a dum nta, arung arai hte mam ni hpe da sang shaw kahkyin la nna, nat kau ya ai lam chye lu ai.

Nat kau hkrum ai dum nta arung arai ni-
(1). Maji La Nu a nta,
(2). Labang Ze Lum a nta,
(3). U Chit Shwe a nta,
(4). Shadan Di a nta,
(5). Marip Naw Ja a nta hte mam dang (200) jan, Mam Htu Jak(1) Cycle(1), Rai Chwi Jak(1), Jinma Jak(1),
Maji Brang a nta,
(7). Jang Ma Tu a nta hte Cycle(1)
(8). Gaw Sharawt Rung nta hte mam dang (100) jan, Gu Dawng(1), Shat Gawk(1),
Mare ting na mam dang yawng (500) daram nat kau ya ai lam chye lu ai.
There was a inhumane acts of the Burmese military battalion troop Dap Hk.M.Y (384) intentionally burned and ruined many home in Ban Sau Mung village. The soldiers have eagerly gathered all the villagers belongings, rice and food supplies before very eye of the villagers torched to ruined. The following household name lists homes are being burned and ruined by merciless fire torched intentional by Burmese military. This is clearly ethnic cleansing order instructed by regime government and Burmese military against Kachin people. Therefore we call upon the world communities, UN,EU,UK and USA to stop Burmese military brutality and help affect Kachin internally displaced people in our own country.
According Kachinnet, KIA news media reported, the following homes, property, rice and supplies  and belonging being intentionally burned and ruined by cruel Burmese Military.
(1). Mr Maji La Nu’s home
(2). Mr Labang Ze Lum’s home
(3). Mr Chit Shwe’s home
(4). Mr Shadan Di’s home
(5). Mr Marip Naw Ja’s  home and over dang (200) paddy, Padi refinery machine (1), motor cycle (1), cloth Sewing machine (1), Jinma generator (1)
(6). Mr Maji Brang’s home
(7). Mr Jang Ma Tu’s  home and  motor cycle (1)
(8). Community Development’s home and over dang ( 100) paddy,  storage building (1), Kitchen (1),
total paddy  about dang (500) donated by the villagers were being burned and ruined by Burmese military.
Dang = unit of Measurement equal to approximately 16 kilogram  

Three Hurt in Kachin State Bomb Blast

Three Hurt in Kachin State Bomb Blast
There was a powerful bomb explosion in Myitkyina in the heart of Kachin State on Wednesday, 25 April 2012 at 7:00am local time. Three people have been wounded after a bomb blast took placeed near Hospital in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State. The explosion took  placed at around 7:00 am at near by the hospital in the Myitkyina, the Capital City of Kachin State. Government troops started offensive since June 09 2011 against Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Kachin people have been attacked deadly, violence,torture, brutal killing and rapping women have committed by Myanmar Army in all Kachin States since a 17-year ceasefire agreement was broken by Burmese military and regime govenment.
According to eyes witness reported that two men and one young girl name Naw Sar Se 6 year old were among the victims of the bomb explodsion. The male victim has injuries to his face and all three are currently receiving treatment in near by Myitkyina Hospital in Kachin state. We Kachin people condamn the act of terrorist against Kachin people committed by Burmese military and regime government. Since June 2011 Burmese military started offensive against KIA and Kachin people, bombing by Burmese military and regime against Kachin civilian and homes in Myitkyina was committed deadly human right violation.
Burmese state media has already blamed the KIA for the incident and this was a Burmese military and regime government propaganda usually carried out base on the past histories, this kind of wicked killing was trademark of Burmese military and regime government. We Kachin people or KIA has not done such dirty acts in our past. We defend for our Kachin Land and people right from intrusion, oppression and aggression commited about over 50 by Burmese military and Burmese regime government since 1961.
The blast comes just days after the Kachin Independence Organization, the KIA’s political wing, refused an offer from the Burmese government for further peace talks in Myitkyina. Why was Burmese regime selected not proper loaction for peace talk? instead of China border tawn or even in the US,UK Japan or EU countries for geniune peace talk to witnes by the world leaders? We Kachin people has learnt from the past histories of Burmese military and regime government dishornesty, that's why KIA/KIO rejected regime selected location for peace talk.
This is the third such explosion in Myitkyina this month carried out by Burmese military and regime as a propagan to accuse KIA/KIO involment in such dirty tatic of killing and harming civilian. During the Burmese water festival, one bomb blew up near to the entrance of the city causing a celebration concert to halt.
Burmese military offensive against KIA and Kachin people has been ongoing for almost one year and there is still no peace agreement despite the KIA/KIO holding three rounds of negotiations. The real lasting peace will not able to achieve with Kachin people until Kachin people have self governance and self determination for our own future and as long as Burmese military and regime continue offensive oppression, attacking, killing, looting,raping women in all Kachin States.
Fierce clashes have forced around 70,000 civilians, including many women and children, to flee their homes and live in temporary camps by the Sino-Burmese border and Kachin States under KIA/KIO control areas according to US human right report, and many other world reporters have witness by their own eyes.
There was another bomb explosion occured on Friday 27 April 2012 in Kachin State and not known yet exact location, number of casualties. We will continue to update the news as soon as we have report from front line sources.