Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sumlut Roi Ja a mother of a young baby from Hkai Bang village still not known under Burmese soldiers from LIB (321) frontline military base at Mu Bum

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Sumlut Roi Ja a mother of a young baby from Hkai Bang village, Nmau Township was called away by the 6 Burmese soldiers, military unit under LIB (321) frontline military base at Mu Bum hill. It has almost been 25 days until November 18 from which the day on theres no information about her.She was taken away together with her husband Maru Dau Lum and her father-in-law Maru Ze Dau of 70 years old man in between 3:00PM and 4:00PM local times. They were forced to carry loads of rations for the soldiers. Both of her husband and the old man ran away left her behind with no other choice. The escapade were fired at incessantly but narrowly escaped from the gun shot. But Sumlut Roi Ja was suspected to be taken to Mu Bum hill Burmese Military base.

When her family members and Kachin Woman Association (KWA) officially tried to enquired to the Kachin state government for her release. The General Staff Officer (G-1) from Burmese military responded no any such woman involved under their custody. Sources according to the villagers.

Most of the sources close by insisted that she was often seen many times inside the military base wearing the same red cheque color clothes she wore at the time when she was first arrested. She was even seen until October 29-30 guessed by her clothes. The soldiers being teased her all the time as they like.

On October 31 she was also seen wearing the soldiersuniform other than her casual clothes. But from November 1 she was no more seen inside the military post whether she still alive or killed is still under doubt.

The other 20 Kachin youths were also taken as porters by the Burmese army of Mikthila and Northern Command Military base about 100 soldiers in Myitkyina. Only 5 youths were escaped from the captives to whom the media reporters personally interviewed to one of them. But still the victim couldnt find strong enough to stress the incidents so terrible that it make him still dumbfounded.

Among 20 captives included also 2 young girls were all the time physically abused and assaulted by the soldiers being forced to act like a prostitute make an entertainment for one after another. Take them naked for bathing in front of the soldiers and treated them like a whore. One of the elder ones when went outside to pray for after she was being gang rapped by the soldiers was scornfully abused for her prayers. If she speak anything in defend of her right she was kicked off and punch on her face. At one time the girl spat one of the soldiers face for which she was brutally treated inhumanly.

Until now these 2 girls and 13 boys were not known any information except 5 boys escaped from the detention. On 11th October , 9 villagers were also taken as porters by the Burmese soldiers and were only released on October 28 from the Namlim Pa village. They were always cruelly tortured and locked under a dark cell. They were forced to lick each others wound for the blood shed from the harshly beaten by the soldiers


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