Monday, December 19, 2011

News 2nd week Dec 2011

Sine 09 June 2011, the civil war launched bu Burma military against KIA and Kachin civilian but many of inexperience Burmese soldiers were killed in the battle. This killing and civil war instruction was given by Burma regime government without consideration lives of innocent soldiers. In past Burma history records, this was the highest numbers of casualty and significant numbers of Burmese soldiers being killed in the civil war. Recently on 01 December 2011, many of Burmese soldiers are killed fierce offensive attack against KIA 3rd Brigade in Wuhtau Bum Kachinland. Thus Burma army is intensifying its attack, deployed more soldiers, weapons, artilleries and continue this deadly war game in spite many soldiers and innocent civilian were killed according to report. According to KIA information cited that, 600 Burmese soldiers have arrived in Waimaw Washawng KIA control areas on 13 and 14 December 2011 to continue deadly civil war game.

KIA sources also confirmed that 1000 newly graduated Burmese soldiers are also deployed to different war zone to have hand on experience in this civil deadly war against KIA and Kachin civilian. Another KIA report also cited that these graduate soldiers are being told by Burmese military to gain deadly experience. However Burmese military has put not even own soldier lives or the lives of many Kachin civilian in danger but also leading the whole country at risk of political turmoil.


On 15th December 2011, No.3 State High School Awng Nan ward, Myitkyina City Kachin State students have to contribute money for Burmese soldiers in civil war against KIA and Kachin civilian. According to eyes witness information confirmed these report..

We Kachin people condemn Burmese regime government and Burmese army for this sort of acts or insult to Kachin people and very unlawful to force Students to donate money for cilvil war against KIA and Kachin people. In contrast to recent humanitarian support offered by Regime government to Kachin IDP but it was rejected by KIO committee not to accept cunning and murderous Burmese regime supplies. And now Burmese regime government is asking for monetary donation from students in Myitkyina Kachin State for Burmese soldiers who killing against Kachin civilian. Burmese regime dictators and Burmese army have lost their scene of dignity and basic values for all mankind. In fact not only to Kachin people or other ethnic groups but they have been also killed brutally many of monks and protesters in the pas during uprising in Burma.


There was another deadly 2 days long offensive attacked by Burmses battalion kh-la-ya(142) from Daw Hpum Yang Town, Kachin State against KIA 24th and 15th battalion. The attacked started on 14 December 2011 until 15 December 2011 fiercely by Burmese soldiers. A group of Burmese soldiers are trapped in the attack and KIA troops has in control in this battle according to report from front line battle zone.KIA report from war zone also cited that Burmese soldiers take the Church in Dingga village as bunker and launching artilleries against KIA forces. These battles zone is not so far to KIA HQ Laiza and clearly hear loud bombing and artilleries shelling sound from Laiza Town.


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