Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yellow Rain in Mai Ja Yang, Kachin State, Burma

Appeal to all Kachin People

Today, November 20, 2011, at 2:30 in the afternoon, rain fell with the color of mustard yellow. It is especially heavy around Quarter 2, at the head of Mai Ja Yang village. A thick residue accumulated on top of many houses. On some roofs this residue is particularly visible. It also has substantial accumulation on the garden vegetable leaves of mustard and sweet potato, according to witness accounts of residents here.

Two unusual rushing noises, like during a stormy downpour, preceded this yellow rain. Those who were outside felt a cold splash of liquid in the exposed areas of skin. It dried up quickly. We inspected this yellow rain at 4:00pm at which point all residues were dry. We collected evidence using video equipment. We will be sending out this video report as soon as possible.

Residents and refugees alike who live in Mai Ja Yang are very worried about our drinking water and the vegetable plants we have cultivated, and are avoiding consuming them at this time.

Reported by May Li Awng
Mai Ja Yang
November 20, 2011
Hkungga let,

Wunpawng Sha ni yawng hpang de shana dat ai. Mai Ja Yang kaw dai na de 20/11/2011 shana de hkying 2:30 pm daram hta sanap hka garang da ai nsam hta kachyi mi grau htoi ai nsam hte re marang htu wa ai. Mai Ja Yang mare baw de lawk (2) maga de grau sawng ai. Nkau nta hkan gaw ram ram htat ai. Yi mau chyan nta ntsa kaw gaw grau dan ai. Chyinghkrang lap, nai sam lam ntsa hkan e mung kap taw ai. Rai n htu shi yang n sen lama mi shawng na ai da. Lawk (2) na ni tsun ai. Nsen myu mi nga 2 lang na dat ai hpang marang zawn nga raw nga htu dat ai nsen na ai da. Dai hpang gaw nta shinggan kaw nga taw ai masha ni a lata ntsa kaw mung hkra ai. Hkra ai shaloi gaw akasi nga ai da. Dai hpang gaw hkraw mat ai.

Anhte ni wa yu ai shaloi gaw hkying 4:00 daram rai sai hku re. Dai shaloi gaw hkraw taw sai.

Sak se vedio, photo sumla ni mung la da ga ai. Ya shagun dat ai laika kaw na sumla hte bung ai. Sumla hpe hpang e shagun dat na ga ai. Anhte mare masha ni yawng hte hpyen yen ni yawng grai myit tsang nga ga ai. Hka mung n lu gwi, si mai si maw mung n mai sha ai.

Shana ai

May Li Awng

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