Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kachin State to display photos of family members

Burma regime government is forcing all the homes in Myitkyina City Kachin State to display photos of family members in the household lists names included in. No one is sure what was the purpose for enforcing this restriction but one thing is certain that Burma regime has ill intention against Kachin civilian in Kachin State. Burma government has been oppress against Kachin civilian since 1961 and against its own Bamar citizen too.
It was another usual deadly offensive attack by Burmese army against KIA 24th Brigade in Mung Dung KIA control areas on 14th December 2011. Burmese army hka-la-ya(37) and (142) supporting solders to launching 120mm artilleries against KIA force. Praise the Lord!! KIA forces are always protected by the almighty God, Kings of Kings, conqueror of the dead and his name is Jesus Christ. Amen


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