Monday, December 12, 2011

Kachin news today

According to eye witness said Burma army has dispatched 10 trucks from Muse town Shan State to Nam Hkam town for ongoing civil war operations against KIA and Kachin people since 09 June 2011. The trucks are fully loaded with supplies and may steel drum assume to be oil and patrol reported by eye witness.
Until 11 December 2011, It was day 6 of fierce offensive attack launched by Burma army against KIA 3rd Brigade at Mu Bum which is located 16 miles away from KIA HQ Mai Ja Yang. KIA troop are defending against Burma army intruder in KIA control areas and Kachin Land. Burma army is continue sending more and more soldiers to battle zone and KIA troop is also defining against them. According to eye witness report 1000 Burma soldiers from central Burma army division to support their fellow soldiers in Nam Hkam town. Burma soldiers are also arriving daily in Myitkyina Capital City of Kachin State, via train from central Burma army division to continue its civil war operations. KIA leaders are predicting that the civil war situation will get worse and far from slowing down any time soon since Burma army is continue to deployed more soldiers to KIA control areas and Kachin Land to continue civil war instead of national reconciliation.


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