Monday, December 5, 2011


Mungu based Burma army was under deadly attack on 04 December 2011 at 2:00am Burma time by KIA forces 36 and 38 battalion under KIA 4th Brigade Shan State. The attack killed (11) Burma soldiers and many of them injured reported by eyes witness. In this defensive attack, KIA HERO Mr Sumlut Gam Seng has sacrificed his life for KIA and Kachin people and injured another KIA HERO. The Burma army commander from the Mungu based was flee to China every night due to fear of attack by KIA and dead reported by eye witness. Many Burma army soldiers are fear of dead and refuse go to KIA control areas or front line. They have no other choice but to follow the Burma government order to follow.


There was another deadly arms clash between KIA and offensive Burma on 4th December 2011 in Kaji Lagat Kawng hte Htingnu Kawng, Sinlum town according to eye witness report. Many Burma soldiers suffer serious injuries and there was no casualty form KIA side. The Burma army is increasingly send its troop to all over KIA control areas and there is chance for cease fire talk instead fierce offensive by Burma army continue against KIA and Kachin people. The fierce fighting continue at 40 mile away from KIA Division Mai Ja Yang thus most of the Kachin civilian remain calm in their home and some of them flee to China side due to fear of torture, looting, killing and gang rape by Burma soldiers.

The Burma soldiers detained 1 Indian old woman and 1 Kachin old woman at Irrawaddy river bridge checkpoint in Myitkyina Kachin State for positioned of bombs. Investigation reveal and both old woman confessed that the bombs was force to carry by one of Burma Major from ma-pa-hka battalion instructed two of them to place the bombs at cross road junction near Buddhist temple. No one know for sure when the two detained woman will be released. This is terrible acts of Burma soldier against civilian to convict them and force them to confess things that they did not commit instead of protect innocent civilian.


LAWA AND DUMBANG VILLAGE :According eye witness report powerful bombs detonated by 14th KIA battalion under KIA 2nd Brigade that killed 2 Burma soldiers and suffer many injured. The injured soldiers are transport to Mohgawng village hospital with civilian cloth. The two dead soldiers were buried Sai Lin river bank according to eye witness report.


KAMAING AND LAWA VILLAGE:Burma army hka-ma-ya 386 soldiers were heading toward Lagawng village with two 4 wheel drive jeep were ambushed by KIA 14th Battalion forces under KIA 2nd Brigade at 930am Burma time. The attack killed 1 Burma soldier and 3 suffered serious injuries. The same Burma soldiers were taken care their injured soldiers by inflicted by KIA 6th battalion force.


Eastern side of Mai Ja Yang

There was deadly fighting through the whole day at the eastern side of Mai Ja Yang, KIA Head Quarter. No casualty report from both side and many of civilian flee for their own safety and some of civilian are flee to China cross border town.


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