Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daily News

Burma government army arrested Mr Mashaw Bum Seng on 2nd December 2011 at 10:00pm Burma time whose residing in Shatapru Ward (5) Myitkyina, Kachin State, it was reported by close relative. No family members are in contact with Mr Mashaw Bum Seng and no one know and no clue where he was and what was his condition till today. According report Burma government gave order to arrest Kachin civilian for interrogation and gather information with torture. Burma regime government is committed human right violation against Kachin people and own citizen despite US efforts for national recondition. We appeal immediately to US,UN and the the world communities to stop Burma regime government of basic human right violation in the country. If we can stop Burma regime government to stop ruling the country mean we will able to control relationship between Burma and North Korea, Russia and China as well as obtaining Nuclear technology.
Burma government continue sending more troop and arms to KIA control area East Division for deadly civil war to continue despite U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton administration visit for national reconciliation reform in the country. People of Kachin are fear of Burma soldiers looting, burning the houses, torture, rape and killing of villager in KIA control areas.

KIO leaders and members are having meeting regards to current civil war situation continue by Burma army. According to report there will changes in political strategy to tackle the issue of civil war situation.
There was another deadly defensive attack to hka-ma-ya(386) Burma offensive soldiers by KIA 6 Battalion under KIA Brigade 2 at 8:00am Burma time in Dai Kri KIA control areas. There are 3 trucks loaded with Burma soldiers and arms from Man Ya village was under deadly attack by KIA forces. KIA forces have destroyed two trucks and 1 truck was turn away from the attack. This defensive attack killed 5 Burma soldiers and wounded 5 other soldiers, also found (1) hand gun, (7) MA4 guns and 1 artillery as well as some ammunitions. Burma government army is continue send more troop and arms supplies to the west of KIA control areas and to continue offensive against KIA as well as Kachin people despite US and the world community call for national reconciliation reform.
There is unconfirmed report about 4 bombs have set up t in Myitkyina Capital city of Kachin, thus Burma government soldiers are positioning every road junctions and everywhere in the city. Especially Da Kawng ward wihich is a located near to the road that connect Myitkyina city and Sumpra Bum town, civilian are bring restricted to stay in their own house and no one is allow to move around outdoor. All the civilian travelling to and out of Myitkyina are being stop and threaten by soldiers according to eyes witness report. All the school are fore to close early and the students are being force to leave the school.

This is Burma regime propaganda to restrict Kachin civilian in Myitkyina fear of peaceful protest while U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visit in Burma Rangoon. The government fear of Kachin civilian take to street for peaceful protest and if the bombs will to set off it must be from Burma army not from Kachin civilian or KIA will never do such acts to it won Kachin people.

Burma government army shoot Mr Labang Naw Wang from Man Wing Gyi village Kachin State while he was in his Paddy firm. Burma government army soldiers are given instruction by the regim government to kill Kachin civilian in KIA control areas Kachin state. This is not the first Kachin civilian being shoot by Burma soldiers and Burma army is committing serious human right violation, looting, gang rape and torture the civilian.

There was fierce attacked by KIA arms force took place at about 530am in Dum Bang mountain based near Nam San Yang village due to Burma government soldiers are stealing village paddy from the firm without any permission..


Another deadly defensive assault to Burma government army hka-la-ya (141) started 630am Burma time by KIA 5 Battalion. The KIA arms force assault took place at Jahkya Hka and the fierce fighting continue between both side. Burma government army is continue to increasing number of soldiers and weapons supplies in KIA control areas Kachin despite U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's admiration call for reform with Kachin and other ethnics arms groups.


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