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January (7) bat Kru,
Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya Dap Ba (2) n pu, Dung (6) ginra rai nga ai Nam Sheng mare hte Lagat Yang mare lapran, Ga Lasha kaw January (6) ya shani jahpawt hkying (7:30am) ram hta Hpakant de lai lung wa ai myen hpyen asuya hpyen hpung ni hpe Dung (6) n pu na Mung Shawa Hpyen Hpung (MHH) ni bawm hte (4) lang hkap gap kapaw lai wa sai lam shiga na chye lu ai.

There was 4 ambush bombs attack by KIA 2nd Battalion agaist Murmese army intrusion into KIA control areas in Ga Lasha on 06 Januandy 2012 at 730am Burma time. Burmese soldoers were heading to Phakan Town Kachin State under where the Jade mining area, there was 4 bombs explosion but the exact number of casualty is unknown. Burmese regime government is ordering its army to stop immediately attack against KIA but it was ignore president Thein Sein order instead building up more soldiers and weapons to KIA control areas. Burmese army has vcommited torture,brutal killing, gange rape, looting, burning of houses, Churches and arresting civilian for force labour and human shield in the front line areas agaist Kachin civilian. We strongly condemn the acts of terrist by Burmese army and we appeal the world community to take immediate actions to end civil war and ethnic cleansing again Kachin in Burma.



January (6) bat Manga

Jinghpaw Mungdaw Sumpra Bum Modo lam mayan, Hka Garan mare kaw du nga ai Putao Byu Ha kata na hka-la-ya (138) Dap Up Major Myint Tein woi awn ai npu na hpyen hpung n-gun (40) jan gaw dai ni Hka Garan mare Lapran Tsang Jawng yu ai ten Jawng ma kaba ni hpe Porter lahkawn la ai lam na chye lu ai. Marai kade lahkawn la hkrum ai lam hkrak n chye ya lu. Mare kata na ramma ni hte la wa ngan ni yawng 4/ 1/ 2012 ya shana nam de hprawng makoi mat ai hpang jawng ma ni hpe dai zawn galaw wa ai re lam na chye lu.

(Sumla: hka-la-ya (138 ) Tat Yin Mu Myint Tein

Many secondary male stundents from Sumpr Bum, Hka Garan village Kachin State were taken as porter by Burmese army Platoon(hka-la-ya (139) command under Major Myint Tein with 40th soldiers. The students were force to carried arms and supplied for Burmese army as well as human shield at the civil frontline. According report, all of the men and adults have fled to jungle for safty and fear of Burmese army force porter for civil war frontline. Since 1961, Burmese army has commited human right violation and abuse Kachin civilian as force labour for Burmese army. Burmese army always force Kachin man and women as porters, mainly to carry army’s weapons, equipments, carry foods supplies, building army shelter and bunker, worse is use porter as human shield in the battle frontline. We condemn Burmese army and regime government abused and grave concern about human right violation over 50 years against Kachin civilian in Myanmar.



January (4) bat Masum,

Jinghpaw Mungdaw Shanglawt Asuya Dap Ba (3) a up hkang ginra rai nga ai Mai Ja Yang hte Loi Je lapran Mai Bat mare hkan na mung masha ni mung dai ni January (4) ya hta sinat kaba nau gadu ngoi ai majaw miwa hkran La Ying maga de hprawng yen mat sai lam na chye lu ai.

There was very loud explosion around Mai Bat village located between Mai Ja Yang and Loi Je under KIA 3rd Brigade control area. The villagers have fled to La Ying China on 04 January 2012 due to fierce attack by Burmese Military against KIA forces in these areas. Although Ms. Aung San Su Kyi is gearing up for upcoming election for her party but civil war against Kachin people is continuing fiercely inspite of president Thein Sein issued order on 10 December 2011. Is Aung San Su Kyi win the in election, is she able to influence current Burmese Military regime for national reconsilation and stand for all ethnic groups in Myanmar? It seem that she will be just another puppet for regime government, many of Burma people and all ethnic groups on the ground are not very hopeful and not optimistic about her being elected as minister or even president for Myanmar.

By: JPkasa/Jinghpaw MR


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