Saturday, January 14, 2012

Burmese Army Killed Kachin Pregnant Woman and Unborn Baby

Pregnant and innocent Kachin woman Ms. Mangshang Ying Wang was shot dead by Burmese army’s Soldiers on 11 January 2012 at 9am Burma local in Hpakan road Kachin State. The soldiers from Burmese battalion (58) under command of Lieutenant Ye Min Twi, Lieutenant Ko Ko Latt and Colonel Htun Naing led the soldiers along these Hpakan road. The soldiers shorting at two unarmed Kachin women Ms. Mangshang Ying Wang and including her 4 months pregnant baby were died in hospital later in the afternoon. We Kachin people will remember as one of the Kachin hero and honored her and her unborn baby.

Ms. Gawlu Seng Hkawn was seriously injured and wounded by bullet. Burmese soldiers are continue killing against Kachin civilian, we condemn Burmese army terrorist acts and committed deadly crime against own citizen. We appeal to UN and international community for immediate action to stop Burmese army brutal killing and we Kachin people demand justice and punishment on Burmese army is responsible for these barbarian acts.

Above dead body of Ms. Mangshang Ying Wang in the coffin for burial cited the brutal killing done by Burmese army’s soldiers in Kachin State. These Burmese soldiers are not only occupies in Kachin State but also carry out killing Kachin civilian as well as intrusion into KIA control areas.

Ms. Gawlu Seng was showing her wound on her left tight shot by Burmese army bullet that almost kill her and she is now still fear about the shooting and killing incident. She is citizen of Burma and Burmese soldiers were trying to kill her because she is ethinc Kachin. Fortunately she has manage to fled away for safety and still alive. We Kachin people condemn terrorist acts of Burmese army and killing of civilian. We call upon UN and international community for protection of ethnic Kachin woman and children in war torn Kachin States.

The villagers are preparing for Ms Mangshang Ying Wang and her unborn baby funerl and grave to bury them. The brutal killing by Burmese army also painted blood stain in the peace and reconciliation in Burma in spite of the regime government release the some prisoners to gain favor and hoping for supports from USA and UK in recent attempt to encourage reform in Burma by regime. It clearly cited that Burmese regime is not eager and genuine about bringing peace and reconciliation in Burma. As long as the Burmese army killing continue against our Kachin people there will never be peace but KIA and Kachin people will resist the Burma regime government.

The brutal killing by Burmese army of Ms Mangshang Ying Wang cause to died 4 months old unborn baby in her mother womb. The baby Ja Ring Pan was kill by Burmese army soldiers with her mother on 11 January 2012 in Hpakan road. We urge UN and the international community to bring justice against Burmese army those who responsible for the crime committed. The baby mother was shot on her neck and killed by Burmese soldiers. Both mother and her unborn baby bodies were later delivered to grave yard by truck belong to Kamaing Myuma monastery. We Kachin people will not forget the brutality killing by Burmese army and the regime government discrimination against Kachin people. The history of truth will prevail generation to come and Bumese army will never achieve peace and reconciliation in Burma. In reality Burmese army and government are the most cruel and corrupted mankind in the world this is base on the true facts of ethnic Kachin life and other ethnic minority groups life long suffering evidence.

So we urge UN and call upon the world community to stop Burmese army killing immediately and help to protect Kachin people and other ethnic minority groups in Burma.


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