Thursday, January 17, 2013

KACHIN LAIZA : BREAKING NEWS- fighters struck out at Hkaya Bum/mountain KIA post

17 January 2013 17:19 local time

1615 hours: 2 BA jet fighters struck out at Hkaya Bum/mountain KIA post for a full 30 minutes. Hkaya Bum has been attacked by the BA combined forces of 10 mobile infantry and infantry battalions with air and ground commando units accompaniment for a couple of days now.

1645 hours: 2 other jet fighters are now joining the ground battalions.

1100 hours BA troops once again put to the torch Nam San Yang, located by the midway of Myitkyina-Bhamo motor way. Parts of the town has been burnt to ground before and most likely to wipe out the whole town today. Awng Ja town where the Agriculture centre and the Agriculture Diploma School are based, was burnt to ground on 13 January.

1409 hours BA helicopter has been transporting 105mm from Hkang Kai bum/mountain post to Manmau BA Post.

BA started their aerial attack using jet fighters and artillery on KIA 3 Brigade area since 0800 hours on 13 January.
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