Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Hurt in Kachin State Bomb Blast

Three Hurt in Kachin State Bomb Blast
There was a powerful bomb explosion in Myitkyina in the heart of Kachin State on Wednesday, 25 April 2012 at 7:00am local time. Three people have been wounded after a bomb blast took placeed near Hospital in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State. The explosion took  placed at around 7:00 am at near by the hospital in the Myitkyina, the Capital City of Kachin State. Government troops started offensive since June 09 2011 against Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Kachin people have been attacked deadly, violence,torture, brutal killing and rapping women have committed by Myanmar Army in all Kachin States since a 17-year ceasefire agreement was broken by Burmese military and regime govenment.
According to eyes witness reported that two men and one young girl name Naw Sar Se 6 year old were among the victims of the bomb explodsion. The male victim has injuries to his face and all three are currently receiving treatment in near by Myitkyina Hospital in Kachin state. We Kachin people condamn the act of terrorist against Kachin people committed by Burmese military and regime government. Since June 2011 Burmese military started offensive against KIA and Kachin people, bombing by Burmese military and regime against Kachin civilian and homes in Myitkyina was committed deadly human right violation.
Burmese state media has already blamed the KIA for the incident and this was a Burmese military and regime government propaganda usually carried out base on the past histories, this kind of wicked killing was trademark of Burmese military and regime government. We Kachin people or KIA has not done such dirty acts in our past. We defend for our Kachin Land and people right from intrusion, oppression and aggression commited about over 50 by Burmese military and Burmese regime government since 1961.
The blast comes just days after the Kachin Independence Organization, the KIA’s political wing, refused an offer from the Burmese government for further peace talks in Myitkyina. Why was Burmese regime selected not proper loaction for peace talk? instead of China border tawn or even in the US,UK Japan or EU countries for geniune peace talk to witnes by the world leaders? We Kachin people has learnt from the past histories of Burmese military and regime government dishornesty, that's why KIA/KIO rejected regime selected location for peace talk.
This is the third such explosion in Myitkyina this month carried out by Burmese military and regime as a propagan to accuse KIA/KIO involment in such dirty tatic of killing and harming civilian. During the Burmese water festival, one bomb blew up near to the entrance of the city causing a celebration concert to halt.
Burmese military offensive against KIA and Kachin people has been ongoing for almost one year and there is still no peace agreement despite the KIA/KIO holding three rounds of negotiations. The real lasting peace will not able to achieve with Kachin people until Kachin people have self governance and self determination for our own future and as long as Burmese military and regime continue offensive oppression, attacking, killing, looting,raping women in all Kachin States.
Fierce clashes have forced around 70,000 civilians, including many women and children, to flee their homes and live in temporary camps by the Sino-Burmese border and Kachin States under KIA/KIO control areas according to US human right report, and many other world reporters have witness by their own eyes.
There was another bomb explosion occured on Friday 27 April 2012 in Kachin State and not known yet exact location, number of casualties. We will continue to update the news as soon as we have report from front line sources.


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