Thursday, May 10, 2012

Burmese military the use of CHEMICAL WEAPONS in civil war

There was fierce offensive attacked by Burmese military on 08 May 2012, against Pan Tsun Post KIA battalion troop in Eastern side of Daw Hpum Yang town. Burmese military rained down CHEMICAL BOMBS against KIA troop then the Burmese soldiers from the ground attacked fiercely trying to seize the Pan Tsun Post which is strategic location for 5th KIA in Kachin State.  The Pan Tsun Post was under direct command and control by 19th KIA Base in 5th KIA Base control territories Kachin State. Burmese military uses CHEMICAL WEAPONS or BOMBS in this offensive attacked against KIA troops. According to KIA frontline troop reported (3) of KIA soldiers were inflicted by the CHEMICAL BOMBS severely. The (3) soldiers were vomited and fainted by the CHEMICAL BOMBS toxic and critical health conditions. In the recent months, Burmese military has been using the same type of CHEMICAL WEAPONS to attached KIA troops. We Kachin people appeal to United Security Council (UN), USA, UK, EU and world communities’ leader to stop Burmese military the use of CHEMICAL WEAPONS in civil war against KIA in particular Kachin civilian in Kachin State. We, Kachin people concern grave danger of CHEMICAL WEAPONS used by Burmese military in civil war against Kachin people in Burma. In spite of political reformed by regime government in Yangon Burma only but on the other hand Burmese military has intensified attacked against Kachin civilian and threaten to wipe out Kachin Ethnic in Burma. We, Kachin people all will stand together as one united people and defend against Burmese military killing and offensive attack against us until Burmese military is defeated as well as the justice and truth has prevail.


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