Monday, October 1, 2012

Immigration and Border Affairs ministers promised to look into Brang Shawng case and release of other Kachin political prisoners

Kachin protest in front of United Nations Kachin communities in United States have held two separate rallies on Sept 27, 2012, one in front of United Nations and another at Permanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar to the United Nations in New York. The Kachin Alliance, representative of the Kachin communities in the US, organized these events. About 70 Kachin from California, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Pensavalnia, Philadelphia, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, and other different states joined the protests. Some came from as far away as 22 hour drive to New York for rallies, said a Kachin Alliance member. The rally held in front of United Nations began at 12 pm for two hours. Kachin protestors shouted for slogans such as “Stop offensive war in Kachin State, Peace in Burma, Peace and Justice for Kachin, Rights for Kachin, UN actions, Help the victims, We want civilian protection”. Another separate rally was held in front of Myanmar’s Permanent Mission located on 77th Street in New York from 3-5 pm. President Thein Sein was inside the building while Kachin protestors were shouting slogans and reading a letter addressed to him. Rally organizers from Kachin Alliance later handed the letter to border affairs Minister Thein Htay and Immigration Minister Khin Yi. Both ministers promised that they will hand it over to President, said a Kachin Alliance representative. Representatives of Kachin Alliance asked the two ministers and Ambassador Than Swe to deliver following messages to President Thein Sein: Begin a political dialogue leading to a genuine federal union that guarantees equality and self-determination for ethnic nationalities. Initiate and declare an end to offensive war against all armed ethnic nationalities forces by issuing a public statement. Promote transparency by declaring actual casualty and financial cost of current civil war. Show kindness to Burmese soldiers by NOT sending them to harm’s way to fight in an unjust war. Stop the harassment, interrogation, and detention of the innocent Kachin civilians by the local authorities. Assurance of a free flow of domestic and international aid for Kachin IDPs, as the solution to the IDP problem needs to be a prerequisite to any and all future talks, military or political. Allow the presence of UN observer teams or intermediary teams in conflict zones and IDP camps to monitor and prevent human rights abuses. Other issues raised during the meeting with two ministers and Ambassador Than Swe were the release of Lahtaw Brang Shawng and other Kachin political prisoners arbitrarily detained, said a Kachin Alliance representative. He continued, “Mr. Khin Yi took note of this demand and told us he will look into these cases and the release of Brang Shawng and others.”By:


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