Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kachin update- China’s involvement with Burmese Army reinforcement and BA attacked the KIA position

Dear Friends, This letter is to provide an update on the situation in Kachinland to the stakeholders who have been involved in the Kachin peace process. We have received very disturbing news reports that Chinese security forces are helping reinforcement and ration supply to a Burmese military outpost in Mu Bum close to Loije and Nongdaofenchang, Dehong, Yunnan, China. This is not the first time we have received such a report. The Embassy of the People's Republic of China clarified that they are not aware of such an incident on the border. The following are the reports we received from our frontlines. 11 JUL 2013, 1235 hours: Myanmar government troops from Infantry 69 entered KIA 27th Battalion area in Maji Kung and attacked the KIA position. No casualty reported. KIA captured 106 MA bullets and 2 PRG ammunitions. 12 JUL 2013, 1910 hours: at the KIA 27 battalion area, Baw Hill between Hu Bung and Hka Pra Yang, Burmese Army (BA) troops from Infantry 69 and KIA troops clashed, 2 casualties from the BA reported. The Burmese Army ended a 17-year ceasefire in Kachin State and this is the stage were we are rebuilding trust for further peace negotiations, but the daily attacks by the Burmese Army question their commitment to the peace process. China’s involvement with Burmese Army reinforcement and ration supply to Burmese Army outpost. Under the security cover of the People's Republic of China, Myanmar government strengthened Mu Bum post with 100 troops and 9 tons of rice yesterday 11 July 2013, taking advantage of the darkness. Mu Bum has been captured by Myanmar government troops from the KIA in 1991 and at the height of the government offensives in January of this year, heinous human rights violations occurred at Mu Bum like the disappearance of rape victim Sumlut Roi Ja, captured and taken to Mu Bum by the troops stationed there. Chinese citizen Zau Lawn has also been murdered by the same troops. Myanmar government Light Infantry Battalion 437 from Northern Command is based at Mu Bum, the new arrival is Infantry 121. Such incidences are ongoing and not the first time such allegations have been raised against Chinese security forces. Chinese security forces must immediately stop providing assistance to the Burmese Army forces conducting military offensives against Kachin people that have already caused the loss of countless innocent lives and a mass humanitarian crisis. We welcome China to play a constructive role towards peace negotiations for political change and peace. However, the Kachin people have questions over the credibility and sincerity of China’s role in future peace negotiations when Chinese security forces are aiding the Burmese armed forces. The Chinese government must stop aiding the Burmese armed forces directly or indirectly causing instability in Kachinland. On the occasion of President Thein Sein official visit to Britain, we urge the British government and the international community to strongly pressure President Thein Sein to immediately stop all military offensives against ethnic populations across the country and pursue a genuine commitment for peace in Burma. Sincerely, -- ----------- Information & Public Relations


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